Experiential Visits

Discover and feel
Visitas guiadas

Do we enter in the tradicional olive grove? Do you know that the olover tree and its surroundings are full of sensory esperiences? The silenci, the light, the colors, the smells, the Touch of the centenarian barks…Do you know that these perceptions vary throughout the year? All these sensations determine yhe final character of our oil.

We invite you to the ferms of Oli Coll de l’Alba so that you live in first person this mosaic of sensations.

The visit includes a guided tasting of the oils of the last harvest of Oli Coll de l’Alba.

Visitas profesionales

Designed for professionals in the sector of olive growing, càtering and gastronomy. The objective is ti deepen in the aspects that determine the unique “Terroir” of our monovarietals. It consists of a visit to our ferms and facilities, and a guided tasting of the oils of the last harvest of Oli Coll de l’Alba.

This proposal can be modulated according to specific professional interests.

Aceite y experiencias

We offer you the possibility to make “special” oil tastings. Could you imagine how it would be an oil tasting on a sailboat observing the Baix Ebre coast? And from a top of a mountain enjoying the views of the Delta de l’Ebre in all its dimension? We understand the landscape that surrounds us as a fundamental element that models the attribuites of our oils.

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